“When I was president of the Houston Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association, we purchased the LED Flashlights as a fund raiser. I wanted to tell you that my lights (I bought two) were just as bright when the power came back on as they were when I needed them for Hurricane Ike. We were without power for four days but your TOP LED Flashlights kept things bright the entire time.”

Mike Weingart MCC
President and Managing Director
World Travel Agency GSA for Houston Express

“Our organization truly appreciated the customer service we received from TOP. The diverse merchandise we ordered from you was sent exactly to the proper location, and in a timely and expeditiously manner. You not only met our internal deadlines to have the product delivered, but also our high expectations concerning your product, which was well received by our employees. I’ll tell anyone, why settle for less when you can go right to the TOP-U.S.A.”

MacArthur O. Littles, BS, CSHM, CHS V
Manager, Emergency Preparedness
Philadelphia Metro

“I appreciate the great customer service and concerned follow up calls that you and your staff always provide. You keep me a happy TOP-U.S.A. customer and I will make many more future orders!”

C. Hugh Cummings, Jr.
Senior Sales Consultant

"We certainly appreciate our relationship with your fine company, and look forward to our future association. Please be sure to notify us on all new products that you have available." Thank you again.

Craig Callister
Park City, UT

“I would like to thank and congratulate you and your team for delivering the TOP Clock in such a timely manner, it is just beautiful, and it exceeded our expectation. It was delivered to us a day earlier than promised and how perfect for the holiday season to give to our customers."
Sincerely yours,

Technical Marketing Manager
Santa Clara, CA

“I wish to express my thanks for the courteous telephone calls and the excellent manner in which you handled the account. I am sure you will be receiving more orders from the 50th Class Reunion next year.”
Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Stella Billings, Chairman
Middletown, NY

“Just a quick note to tell you how pleased my company is with TOP-U.S.A.’s fine quality products. Our order of the TOP Desk Clocks have proven to be and excellent way to display our company’s name.”
Sincerely yours,

Denise Yaneck, Region Secretary
Maywood, IL

“Our order for 36 clocks arrived today. It was such a thrill to open one of the boxes and see the results. This is the first item we have purchased that has our logo on it. The clocks are beautiful and we will be proud to give them as gifts to our distributors. Seeing the end result displayed on a TOP Clock is very satisfying. Your company did a beautiful job. Thanks!”

B.J. Kenny
San Antonio, TX

“I have never been treated by a company in the way everyone at your company has treated me! Your Pia, Juana, and Judie, have bent over backwards to do a rush order for us and we have never even done business with you before.”

Pat Graceff, General Manager
Clarendon Hills, IL

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